Dentists and Parental Rights

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More and more I see parental rights being stripped in our country.....

Should a parent be banned from staying with their child when they go to the dentist?

I think not.

Bloomington Pediatric Dentistry in Indiana tried to bar me from accompanying my child- who was not quite 3. Not happening.

Parents, STAND UP when this kind of thing happens!!!!!!!!!!! Because it's happening more and more due to compliance. This is NOT ok.

Here is my review of their practice:

I made initial appointments for my children. I am from another state and have *never* heard of this nonsense of not allowing the parent back with the child. My 3-year-old has had teeth issues since 16 months old and is fearful of being without mommy or daddy. The staff would not budge on their "policy" but offered drugs (um, no) gas (sorry, NO) or a "blanket warmer" aka strait jacket.... Seriously? Seriously. Um NO!!!! Sorry folks, as a certified elementary teacher I can assure you this is UNNECESSARY and honestly illegal. There is no law that prohibits a parent from accompanying their child during a medical appointment. Look elsewhere unless you enjoy being told what you can and can not do regarding *your* child.

I stand by my opinion. I will *not* go to a dentist with this policy. I will drive BACK to my home state several hours away before I will let this happen.

I will not recommend this practice. I don't care if they have awesome wall murals. I don't care if the dentists are "the best" ever. It's not ok to tell parents you have to drug or strait jacket your kid and leave them alone with a stranger. SORRY. This Mama bear says "NOPE." Be brave, parents. Refuse to accept this.

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