Pregnant Moms Used as Guinea Pigs to Test Flu Vaccine

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Would any mom knowingly risk the life of her unborn baby? Nope. That's why this is unethical. Women are being registered so vaccine-makers can follow them and see if there are ill-effects on babies from vaccinating. Isn't it interesting that news channels and doctors are already telling pregnant women that it is SAFE when clearly, it is not safe? Call the number for yourself and check it out for yourself.

How I know Flu vax isn't safe.

From Angie, a homebirth midwife in Cleveland, Ohio:

On January 16, 2012 I learned that GlaxoSmithKline, manufacturer of a flu vaccine, has a pregnancy registry line. That day I called their pregnancy registry line to ask some questions, though my blood was boiling the longer the conversation went on. I wanted to scream, “How can you do this to pregnant women without their consent?!” Instead I kept my calm and continued to ask non-hostile questions. The following is the conversation that I had with the representative:

Angie: Hi, I am a midwife and I saw that you have a pregnancy registry for pregnant women who receive your vaccine. I was wondering…what is the purpose of the pregnancy registry?

Representative (from the GlaxoSmithKine’s pregnancy registry line): To determine if there are any problems with pregnant women and their babies.

Angie: How does the pregnancy registry work?

Representative: Before we go any further is it okay if I ask for your name and contact information?

Angie: Sure. (I gave my name and the contact info she asked for.)

Representative: Well, you know, we can’t do testing on pregnant women, so pregnant women can register themselves or their OB can register them. If the pregnant women registered themselves they are asked for their care provider’s contact information.

Angie: Why are they asked for their doctor’s contact information?

Representative: So that they can be followed since we can’t do drug testing on pregnant women.

Angie: So the moms and babies are followed?

Representative: Yes, they are, but we can’t do drug testing on pregnant women.

Angie: Right, so are they followed after birth or just to the time of birth?

Representative: They are not followed after birth—they are only followed to the time of delivery.

Angie: Why are they followed to the time of birth?

Representative: To look and see if there are any problems.

Angie: And they are not followed after the time of birth to see if there are any long-term effects?

Representative: No, they are just followed until the birth.

Angie: How are the moms and babies followed? Who is responsible for following them?

Representative: It is the Drug Safety Department that follows them. After the mom is registered, the Drug Safety Department sends the care provider a form to fill out asking if there were any problems at the time of birth.

Angie: So by “problems” do you mean birth defects?

Representative: Yes, birth defects.

Angie: What do they do then with this information?

Representative: Well, they want to see the safety of the vaccine, and then of course, down the road, our policy would change.

At this point I could not continue asking questions—I was so very angry. I thanked her for her time and hung up.

The following is from the label of the flu vaccine manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline:
* Safety and effectiveness have not been established in pregnant women or nursing mothers. (8.1, 8.3)
* Register women who receive FLUARIX while pregnant in the pregnancy registry by calling 1-888-452-9622. (8.1)

I encourage you to call them yourself and ask your own questions.

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Dentists and Parental Rights

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More and more I see parental rights being stripped in our country.....

Should a parent be banned from staying with their child when they go to the dentist?

I think not.

Bloomington Pediatric Dentistry in Indiana tried to bar me from accompanying my child- who was not quite 3. Not happening.

Parents, STAND UP when this kind of thing happens!!!!!!!!!!! Because it's happening more and more due to compliance. This is NOT ok.

Here is my review of their practice:

I made initial appointments for my children. I am from another state and have *never* heard of this nonsense of not allowing the parent back with the child. My 3-year-old has had teeth issues since 16 months old and is fearful of being without mommy or daddy. The staff would not budge on their "policy" but offered drugs (um, no) gas (sorry, NO) or a "blanket warmer" aka strait jacket.... Seriously? Seriously. Um NO!!!! Sorry folks, as a certified elementary teacher I can assure you this is UNNECESSARY and honestly illegal. There is no law that prohibits a parent from accompanying their child during a medical appointment. Look elsewhere unless you enjoy being told what you can and can not do regarding *your* child.

I stand by my opinion. I will *not* go to a dentist with this policy. I will drive BACK to my home state several hours away before I will let this happen.

I will not recommend this practice. I don't care if they have awesome wall murals. I don't care if the dentists are "the best" ever. It's not ok to tell parents you have to drug or strait jacket your kid and leave them alone with a stranger. SORRY. This Mama bear says "NOPE." Be brave, parents. Refuse to accept this.

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Grandma Pink's Dilly Beans

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Just in case anyone was wondering what I've been doing-

I'd like to point out that this was my first time canning ever. My husband and kids helped me a lot. As did YouTube. :)

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It's simply been too long since I blogged! I am a writer by nature and quite frankly, I miss it! I thought that posting to Facebook was a good replacement to posting on my beloved blog, but, turns out, it just isn't. For one thing, I can't go back through my posts like I can on a blog. Sure, I can see photos, but I don't get any "story."

So, I decided to start blogging again. I hope I still have some readers out there who are perhaps interested enough to read about my musings and attempts to make sense of this life I've been blessed to live out.

I promise that my next post will be more interesting.... Until then, be blessed and stay indoors when it's storming.

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