Well, Baby, You're Well.

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I just took Daniel in for his "well-baby" check-up AKA, pay us money so we can tell you, yes, your baby is healthy, as you already knew. And the nurse came in and lightly scolded me for missing his 6 month visit with a "Well, we will just do his 6-month-shots today, then." To which I said, "Um, we don't vaccinate."
Let it slowly seep in.
Embarrassed, "Oh."
*Blink* *blink.*
Does anyone actually read the records?

This is the second time I have had this happen. Last time, a lady looking to put him in a study came in and started her presentation, i.e. propaganda, without taking a breath about the advantages..... to my wallet..... if I put my baby into it. Finally, I got a word in, and explained that we don't vaccinate. To which she looked sheepish and replied, oh so you're probably not interested....


I say all that to say this, the Dr and I got to talking about a separate issue involving speech with my 2-year-old and he started to say that was why well-baby visits were so vitally important so they could "keep on top" of such things. To which I told him I had mentioned my worry to his dr partner months ago and she had said "not to worry about it." He stopped short and was speechless.... Kinda funny actually. I decided all by myself to call the speech people. Why? Bc I'm the mom. I don't need a professional to tell me what my instincts already do. To which he finally recovered and started to proclaim what a great program they have etc etc etc. Yep. Why I called.

So, a well-baby visit over, apparently, I need to go back at a year. Wonder if I'll get told we need to catch up those poisons, er, shots again? Look for that post later! ;)