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Why is the way a woman gives birth important? The other day I had a task to accomplish and the thought crossed my mind as I recalled my natural childbirths, "If I did THAT, I can do anything!!!" I even told my husband, "If the way I give birth is any indication, you know I will kick butt on this, too." It was a real confidence booster. So birth matters. Yes, a healthy baby IS important! But so is the process by which he or she enters the world. It's important to the Mother's confidence as a mother, wife, heck, as a human! No other moment in life resides solely on her shoulders as with the moment her baby is born. (I'm not saying a mom can't need and accept help! I am a huge doula advocate!) But a doula, a husband --- can't push out the baby. Only the mother can do that. I suppose that's why I feel women who opt for elective c-sections are so cheated from the get-go. They miss an amazing, once-in-lifetime opportunity to gain confidence and strength. On the flip-side, I think a mom who truly tried everything to have her baby and then needed a c-section can also draw strength from the experience bc she tried and did everything in her power.... And in the end, made a choice. I think that's the key--- making a choice. An informed choice. Because if you choose to be dumb when it comes to birth and remain in the proverbial dark and refuse to read anything... then saying is true- "Stupid is as stupid does."

Hope you have an "I did THAT! So I can accomplish ANYTHING!" kind of birth!

Peace Out!