People Drive Me Insane

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I've only birthed six babies.... What do I know?

Just go. Have your failed induction, because your doctor wants to make his planned vacation or Super Bowl party or wedding or lunch date, or has a vendetta against heavy-set women....But tells you, your baby is too BIG, or you're post-dates, or your pelvis is just too small, or it's your due date, or your body must be broken if it doesn't go into labor exactly on time.... Use their "Vitamin P" (something you don't even know the ingredients of or the risks because they downplay them or don't tell you at all.)

and have a subsequent "emergency" c-section for failure to progress (big shocker) or fetal distress (again, here's my surprise face) to "save your baby" because males, who don't have a uterus know more than a woman does about her own body and how to birth her baby!!!

Have fun!!!!

And if this post makes you mad? Tough. Don't read it then. Because I. Don't. Care.

Vent over.

Peace Out!


mizme's mommy said...

People kept asking me, as I closed in on my due date, if I was going to ask to be induced. When I said no, they'd look at me all aghast! First, why should I worry when I'm not yet to my due date? And, I think my body and my babes know when they're ready. For the record, Baby #1 came on my due date and Baby #2 arrived the day before my due date! No induction for either - and I'd worked the day I had both!

Mandy2qt said...

Good or you!!! Women do NOT understand their inner strength these days. And their ability to say "NO!" as well as the power in educating themselves. I bet most women put way more thought and planning into their weddings than their births. It's sad, really. "Just trust your doctor" has replaced "Trust the Lord your God."