Daniel's Birth Story

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My due date came an went as usual. The 19th of January. Never have I had a baby anywhere near the ETA. I have been on average 2 weeks past this date for 5 pregnancies in a row. So, on Jan 21st, while perusing our local Wal-Mart with my daughter, I was certain that when my sister-in-law, a nurse where I was planning to birth, told me how busy the hospital had been with births, I just knew I wouldn't be in labor anytime soon.

On the way home, I glanced at the full moon and chuckled because I had never been effected by the "pull of the moon" before either.

Around 9:00, I started cutting fabric for a baby blanket my daughter wanted to make. Around 10:30, I noticed contractions that actually hurt enough to make me squirm and feel irritated. I mentioned this to my mother and texted my husband, who was at a sleepover with our boys at his parent's house, and then decided to take a bath. The bath was short-lived because my contractions got worse and at one point I thought I felt my water break. It didn't, but there was bloody show.

So I grabbed my phone and called my doula, who did not answer. So, I called MeriBeth, who listened to me through some contractions and decided to call my doula and get her on the road. She asked me if I did anything different today. The only thing was my chiropractor appointment. "He may have pushed the eject button." (Tge same thing he had said at my appointment!

I called my sister-in-law, who was planning to come to the birth, and she reminded me to call my CNM, Megan. I did and she sounded like she had been awake for 40 days straight! Her response was, "I dunno if we have a labor room free." So I said, "Well I'll just birth on the nurse's desk."

My doula called back and we talked a little. She was on the way and had no idea why she didn't hear her phone.

I should mention that all this time I was in denial. Big time! I kept saying, "Really?! I'm not in labor."

I called my husband, woke him up, and informed him that he needed to come home ASAP.

From that moment on I just kept walking around the house. I asked my mom to call my husband and ask where he was. He was a few miles away. He has an injured knee, so he had to get dressed and get to the vehicle, no small feat!

He arrived and told me to get some pants on (instead of shorts) since it was -7 out and that we would be leaving ASAP! He called my doula and said we were en route and that we would meet at the hospital. I was still in shock! Two days after my due date?! Really?!

We arrived at 1:00am. From then on I walked. I was very irritated and cracked smart-Alec remarks and expressed my hatred of labor freely. Just when I was beginning to wonder if I was making progress, my water broke in the hallway. Meconium. Yay. Next I got into the birth pool and waited. I decided to try to push a little. Just to see if anything happened. (I didn't have any internal exams during my labor per my request) Eventually I changed to hands and knees and after praying er, begging to God, the baby began to descend. -Which I thought took hours but apparently was only 15 minutes total until he was born. So back to pushing. I felt him descending and let out these bear/lion roars. I pushed during and in between contractions. I wanted him out. I felt like I had to really push hard. I felt his head out or nearly out and I heard my midwife say, "I'm just gonna guide his head out here," and in the next push his body came out too. Relief! (2:42am) Soon I realized I had to reach down and draw him from the water myself as the midwife said she couldn't reach him. So I did. He had the cord across his chest like Miss America and around his left leg. We unwound it, sort of, and I saw him take a breath. He was pretty floppy after a minute, so the midwife decided to cut his cord and get him out of the pool which was super warm. As soon as he was lifted, he had total muscle tone and cried loudly. They returned Daniel to me in the pool and I looked him over and talked to him. Then I looked around the cess pool of yuck and decided I wanted to get out. I was curious about his weight, so I handed him to my sister-in-law to weigh. I got into bed and once the placenta came out, I tried to nurse our sweet baby but he wasn't super interested, so I put him on my shoulder to cuddle him and talk to him. Within 15 minutes he was nursing well.

He was 7 lbs 15.5 oz 21 inches. His hands an feet were dry and wrinkly and the midwife said he was post-dated and that the placenta looked post-dated as well. But Daniel is healthy and happy little baby. We are so blessed by him already.