Are you DONE yet?

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This is a question I have been hearing lately as my belly swells to enormous proportions.

I must admit, it does not ruffle my tail-feathers as much as it used to. Thankfully. :) But it HAS prompted me to speak about my husband's and my beliefs several times in the last few weeks. I try to speak matter-of-factly and in a noncondemning manner. But let's face it, this is a TOUCHY subject! If we don't go with the flow of culture, which is pro-pill, pro-birth control, pro-limiting family-size, we are bound to stick out and be noticed. And noticed we ARE. And if we express our ideas, we step on toes of anyone who believes differently. Which is most people.

But I know to the depths of my soul that we would not have the blessings we do, if we had succumbed to the peer pressure to "take out the bridge" to fertility. How do I personally know for certain we are called to this life of freedom in Christ concerning our family-size?

1. I/we prayed like lunatics for answers.
2. God answered clearly and concisely for both of us in different ways.
3. We now see things very differently in this particular area.
4. We have researched this, read many books, and I personally have thought way too much about this subject.
5. When I look at the children we are blessed to care for, I need no further convincing... THEY WOULD NOT BE ALIVE HAD WE DENIED THE PATH GOD CHOSE FOR US.
6. Vascectomies are unhealthy for us as are tubal ligations.
7. There is science, evidence, etc. to back up what we believe to be true.
8. God created me. He knows what is best. I believe that includes my womb.
9. I believe God will provide for our children. He has so far in many ways and I am thankful for that!
10. If I do nothing else with this life but raise children and love them into adulthood, I believe I have fulfilled my life-calling.

11. When my husband and I are out with the children, we are CONSTANTLY inundated with compliments on how well-behaved our children are. Recently, at a restaurant, three different couples came up to us to tell us how sweet and well-behaved our children were! Not that they are perfect angels, but this DOES in fact happen to us all the time and I am glad that our children are a blessing to complete strangers.

Some places I searched for answers:
The Bible
Randy Alcorn's book "Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions?
A Full Quiver by Rick and Jan Hess
Children: Blessing or Burden? by Max Heine
Margaret Sanger
Like this
and This
Quotes: "How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers." Mother Teresa
I've noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born. ~Ronald Reagan, quoted in New York Times, 22 September 1980

I must add that when seeking answers from pastors and friends, I did not always receive encouragement to let go and let God in this area. In fact, I mostly heard that I was insane! That God could not possibly care for "all these children." That I was irresposible. That I was stupid even. I ask you is anything too hard for GOD? AND How long has birth control as we know it today in pill form been around? Do you even know? What does the Bible say about such things? Look into it.

Feel free to comment. But before you do, ask yourself, am I thinking for myself? Or am I thinking what I've been conditioned to think?


mizme's mommy said...

I have been blessed with two little ones after 8 years of birth conrol free marriage. We wanted more, but know and accept that He may have other plans - to include the possibility of adoption.

It's only days like today, with a cold coming on, DD#1 being a normal toddler and testing her limits and DD#2 going thru her 6 week growth spurt, eating every 1 1/2 hours, that I ask WHY have more than one child.

But, things settle down as the day winds down and I realize how wonderful my two little ones are and I know that, should we be blessed with more children, they will be cherished as wonderful gifts.

From your blog, I know you treat each child as a gift - and I thank you for doing so - and sharing that joy with everyone around you.

kvanzandt said...

I love the first picture!! : ) With that many babies all at the same time, I would definitely look like that mom! However, thankfully, God is merciful and gives us one or two at a time usually!
On this subject, I can say wholeheartedly, we AGREE!!! :) Love you! and ALL your blessings!!! Can't wait to meet the newest one!