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Thirty weeks may not sound like a lot of time to most people but to a pregnant woman, it's an eternity. When I hear the words, "Wow, time sure flies! You're that far along already?" I grit my teeth and laugh because it's hilarious yet so untrue, at least from my perspective. Growing another human is a task not to be taunted. It's exhausting and hard. It's rewarding in so many ways but "going fast" is not how I would describe it.

I've noticed the last few days that I feel swept away by neediness and weepiness- my pretty even emotions (at least for a pregnant woman, that is) have been up as high as a kite and down as low as a worm. I get hurt by the silliest things to the point of tears and then I feel dumb. My head and my heart are entangled in a battle over who is in charge. Honestly, I can't tell you who's winning.

But, hey, thirty weeks is a triumph! That means only ten more for normal people! More like 12 for abnormal people like me. But somehow I shall persevere. Thank goodness for holidays to distract me and a sweet husband and children to keep me sane and loved. I'll leave you with this shot Jeff took of me and baby "much wanted."

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mizme's mommy said...

So true! Love this entry!

Sorry about the emotions - I am so glad to have already climbed that hill!