Most People Don't Even Know...

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Today I am linking a friend's blog on a sobering subject. After reading the article, be sure to watch the video. Don't dismiss this as well, it doesn't happen HERE because mark my words, it's coming. All the signs are there. All you people happy with your false sense of security, LISTEN UP!!! Educate yourself about birth control i.e. Voluntary population control. Ever notice that your OB doesn't ask IF you want birth control? Notice their wording next time you have a baby or an appointment. It is presented as "Which kind do you want." Go ahead, test this out- ruffle some feathers: Say "None." Most likely they will start the manipulation mind control process right there. Belittling your "stupidity," making you feel naive. Good luck getting out of their dungeon, er, I mean office without a sample or two packets of pills "to try." Once, after my first baby, my OB scoffed at the idea of no longer using OrthoTricyclen, then literally forced me to take NINE packages of the mini pill "just to try." Me, an obedient sheeple at the time took it for a week. I got so sick! I had headaches and threw so I stopped taking them. -The audacity to think for myself! Haven't taken the crap since! Just a thought, did you know that the side-effect list is a mile long and they don't disclose it to you, you have to ask for the information. Even then, OBs try to downplay it. Oh yea, if I die, it's rare so it's ok. Anyhow, check out this link and quit hiding your head in the sand concerning this topic.
Are you a sheeple? Or a people?

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Jacinda said...

When I had my second son I distinctly remember my CNM telling me I needed to make a choice ( my first two were 15 months apart) I broke down and said I guess I could be fitted for a diaphram. My conscience wasn't bothered as much by that method. It was so humiliating she laughed at me because I was an odd ball ( she had to literally search her office for one) and then laughed more because I couldn't manage to insert it myself. All that to say why can't they take the time to educate on how to have optimal healthy fertility so the the doom and gloom of possible miscarriage etc... from too close of pregnancies isn't a factor in the push for contraceptives. I never did use the diaphram after I realized that the spermicide had to be used with it.
All so mind boggling!

Mandy2qt said...

That is humiliating, Jacinda... When I requested the same item (diaphram) my Dr went into this big speech about how yucky they are and too complicated and I would hate it.... Seriously? Where is my choice, dude? Anyhow, that was the mini-pill day... All I can say is that the year or so I was on B.C. I felt different... I gained weight... I was depressed.... I felt sick a lot.... Bad stuff. When I discovered it causes abortions after my miscarriage I was horrified!!! I didn't know! In essence, my Doc helped murder my baby... Never was I told the truth. Most women aren't. :(