How to Help Orphans

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This Christmas, do something that will matter to an orphan. If you can't adopt, you can help someone else be able to! There is an organization helping families raise money to off-set the huge expense of adoption. Reeces Rainbow

Make a difference for this little one or choose from the many children listed who need to be adopted.

Sit down as a family and browse the photos. Choose a baby or toddler or older child to support. If you spend $35, by Dec 15, you'll receive an ornament for your tree with the child's photo. Keep in mind, even if you miss the date, you could copy the child's photo, print it and make your own ornament with foam. :-)

For more information on why This orphan ministry is so important, READ HERE

Merry Christmas!

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kvanzandt said...

Showhope also allows you to contribute to adoption costs for others...the organization Steven Curtis Chapman started!

Mandy2qt said...

The difference (as far as I could tell) is that Showhope is seeking a monthly commitment of $35 and it goes to a fund to help. You can't specifically choose an orphan and a family to help. Both are good charities. Just different ways of doing it.

Mandy2qt said...

One more difference I forgot to mention- Reeces Rainbow focuses on children with Down Syndrome but are not limited to that as well as children with disabilities and harder to place babies and children.

Mandy2qt said...

For more information on why Reeces Rainbow exists-