Breastfeeding Basics - Tips on Scheduling

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For a first-time mom, breastfeeding can be a dauntingly confusing subject. I can still remember feeling totally inept to fulfill the task before me with my precious, sweet baby girl nine years ago. But there is excellent help out there for you if you're struggling or simply preparing for your baby's arrival! Whew! Thank goodness, right? But where to go? The only book I had was The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, which I still recommend today. However, I learn by seeing and doing. So videos would have helped me tremendously back then.

To start to answer some important questions about breastfeeding is a friend who has produced DVD's, a YouTube channel, and a website .

Please take the time to educate yourself and learn about the true nature of your milk supply in this video. Some sources would have us believe it is important to schedule the baby's feedings, such as Babywise. This is simply untrue. Please enjoy the video and visit the blog for more information.


kvanzandt said...

Looks like some good info!

mizme's mommy said...

I still do not understand how one could schedule feedings! Not only would I feel horrid listening to my Little One cry, but the mess from the let down??? UGH!

And just remember, if you are having issues, you are not alone! This activity is a learning process for Mommy as well as for baby AND each baby is different.