How to Help Orphans

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This Christmas, do something that will matter to an orphan. If you can't adopt, you can help someone else be able to! There is an organization helping families raise money to off-set the huge expense of adoption. Reeces Rainbow

Make a difference for this little one or choose from the many children listed who need to be adopted.

Sit down as a family and browse the photos. Choose a baby or toddler or older child to support. If you spend $35, by Dec 15, you'll receive an ornament for your tree with the child's photo. Keep in mind, even if you miss the date, you could copy the child's photo, print it and make your own ornament with foam. :-)

For more information on why This orphan ministry is so important, READ HERE

Merry Christmas!

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'Tis the Season

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Hot chocolate!!

Homemade ornaments!

Warm hats and coats.

Christmas Trees.

Elf Ears!

Family meals!

And of course, anticipation for toys!

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Question and Answer Session

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Quite a few questions have been unanswered as of late here at Treasures. So here's your big chance to ask me a question and actually get an answer!

I still have a ways to go with this pregnancy, so I figured a question/answer post might be just the ticket for a diversion....

So-if anyone has been dying to ask me what my favorite dinner dish is or how much I weigh (um-don't you DARE) or anything at all (except that) and actually WANT an answer, do so before Dec 20th 2010, and you will get your ANSWER! (Except about the weight thing.)

If you don't have any questions, pretend like you do and humor me! Because I will be needing all the diversions I can get to help me get through this super long pregnancy. ;-)

You can post your question or email it to

Happy Birthday, Baby

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Justus celebrated his 2nd birthday and to commemorate the occasion, here are some pictures! I know you are all so surprised!

I'm biased, but he is model material ;)

Walking tomato.

Shy guy.

Playing with my third identical truck. Tee hee.

I am a ham.

Sweet sleeper.


At a restaraunt.


I love yogurt!

Newly discovered Nerf guns.

Don't ask.

Caped QT

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Breastfeeding Basics - Tips on Scheduling

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For a first-time mom, breastfeeding can be a dauntingly confusing subject. I can still remember feeling totally inept to fulfill the task before me with my precious, sweet baby girl nine years ago. But there is excellent help out there for you if you're struggling or simply preparing for your baby's arrival! Whew! Thank goodness, right? But where to go? The only book I had was The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, which I still recommend today. However, I learn by seeing and doing. So videos would have helped me tremendously back then.

To start to answer some important questions about breastfeeding is a friend who has produced DVD's, a YouTube channel, and a website .

Please take the time to educate yourself and learn about the true nature of your milk supply in this video. Some sources would have us believe it is important to schedule the baby's feedings, such as Babywise. This is simply untrue. Please enjoy the video and visit the blog for more information.

Open Letter to US Postal People

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Dear USPS,

It should not take you 10 days+ to change an address. Especially when paperwork is submitted a week and a half prior to start date! What sort of amusement park, golf course, pick-up-ducks business are you running anyhow? Our mail is in limbo, some of it, very important mail we needed oh, a week ago. Please step it up, quit playing online Solitaire and do. your. job.

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Thirty weeks may not sound like a lot of time to most people but to a pregnant woman, it's an eternity. When I hear the words, "Wow, time sure flies! You're that far along already?" I grit my teeth and laugh because it's hilarious yet so untrue, at least from my perspective. Growing another human is a task not to be taunted. It's exhausting and hard. It's rewarding in so many ways but "going fast" is not how I would describe it.

I've noticed the last few days that I feel swept away by neediness and weepiness- my pretty even emotions (at least for a pregnant woman, that is) have been up as high as a kite and down as low as a worm. I get hurt by the silliest things to the point of tears and then I feel dumb. My head and my heart are entangled in a battle over who is in charge. Honestly, I can't tell you who's winning.

But, hey, thirty weeks is a triumph! That means only ten more for normal people! More like 12 for abnormal people like me. But somehow I shall persevere. Thank goodness for holidays to distract me and a sweet husband and children to keep me sane and loved. I'll leave you with this shot Jeff took of me and baby "much wanted."

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Most People Don't Even Know...

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Today I am linking a friend's blog on a sobering subject. After reading the article, be sure to watch the video. Don't dismiss this as well, it doesn't happen HERE because mark my words, it's coming. All the signs are there. All you people happy with your false sense of security, LISTEN UP!!! Educate yourself about birth control i.e. Voluntary population control. Ever notice that your OB doesn't ask IF you want birth control? Notice their wording next time you have a baby or an appointment. It is presented as "Which kind do you want." Go ahead, test this out- ruffle some feathers: Say "None." Most likely they will start the manipulation mind control process right there. Belittling your "stupidity," making you feel naive. Good luck getting out of their dungeon, er, I mean office without a sample or two packets of pills "to try." Once, after my first baby, my OB scoffed at the idea of no longer using OrthoTricyclen, then literally forced me to take NINE packages of the mini pill "just to try." Me, an obedient sheeple at the time took it for a week. I got so sick! I had headaches and threw so I stopped taking them. -The audacity to think for myself! Haven't taken the crap since! Just a thought, did you know that the side-effect list is a mile long and they don't disclose it to you, you have to ask for the information. Even then, OBs try to downplay it. Oh yea, if I die, it's rare so it's ok. Anyhow, check out this link and quit hiding your head in the sand concerning this topic.
Are you a sheeple? Or a people?

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