Producers that Pump the Profanity Into Our Children

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When you hear your child swear, don't you just want to punch a tree?
Like seriously. Punch a tall, barky, rock hard tree! And it makes
it even better when they heard it on a stupid children's movie.
Why do producers feel the need to include swearing in children's-
targeted media?! ????!!!! So if you are a producer of the movie
"Stuart Little" reading this, "What were you thinking?!?!?!" The
alley cat could have said "What the heck!" I seriously hate movies
sometimes!!!! I guess I need to pre-view movies, but I seriously
thought I could trust a movie about a mouse!

On a positive note, in preparation of the new Nanny McFee movie,
we rented the first one to review the story and nothing compares
to good children's movies with no profanity!!! Next on tap, we
have The Sound of Music and The Parent Trap I (Hayley Mills) and II!