Austin Recognized for Good Behavior!

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Today I checked my voice mail to find this message from the school regarding our son:

"Hello, This is the principal calling from the school with some good news today! I often ask the teachers to recognize students who go above and beyond our Eagle eyes expectations and Mrs S. brought to me Austin's name. She wrote that 'he is a good friend. He also is a good helper... he keeps us safe by pushing in chairs when we forget. Austin is a wonderful little boy in many ways. But I am so glad he is in our room taking care of us. :)' I just wanted to pass that good news onto you and to thank you and Jeff because we know that that modeling comes from home and we appreciate that. Let Austin know that I called and I will see him today and also let him know that he is being recognized."

In a world where often people only choose to see the negative, it is so refreshing to hear good news like this. :)


Christine said...

Way to go Austin!!!! (and Jeff and Mandy! ;) )

Mandy2qt said...

Yes, it was a very nice message to receive! So glad they see him for who he really is!!

Lisa Lynn said...

Awesome! I wish our principal would call home like that. We can, of course, but it would be SO cool for the kids if the principal did it. Yay for Austin! Yay for Mommy and Daddy too! What proud feelings you must have :)

Stephanie said...

that's great!!

hey, can you send me an email at i need to ask you something but can't find your number or email anywhere. thanks!

JaJa.--> said...

aww thats so adorable! you should feel proud of your parenting skills! :)