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Ever wonder why some women "cut off" their fertility? I can tell you why. It's because pregnancy makes you go insane. At least it does me. So far, this time I have totally misjudged a dear friend and practically run her over with a mack truck with my words and have blown up at my children simply due to extreme fatigue and morning (all day) sickness. I have realized that I suffered post-traumatic stress disorder from my first two births and am attempting to deal with this, as well as other long-standing unmentionable family issues I am working through.

I know logically that I am acting like a jerk, but emotionally, I feel justified. Anyhow, even if you do not know me, I'd appreciate prayers as I sort this all out.

Other than that, this pregnancy is going great! I am truly excited about another baby and feel especially blessed because I am completely undeserving of such a blessing. I guess that's what grace is all about.

Thank you heavenly Father for seeing me for who I really am, who I want to be, and making me see I am nothing without YOU. Amen!