First Pre-natal

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Well, today I had my first pre-natal appointment with a CNM. It went really well! Unexpectedly so! I have no complaints... Only praises. This is by no means a small feat! If anyone knows me well, these words are perhaps miraculous. :)

The first thing that struck me was the nurse asking me about many herbs. I have never heard a nurse even talk knowledgeably about herbs! The second was their approach to birth in general. -Very much aligned with my views at every turn. I really enjoyed talking with the nurse as well as the midwife. I was pleasantly surprised to get an impromptu ultrasound to "take a peek" at the baby. I was super excited! I can't help it! I love seeing the baby!

I am looking forward to seeing where this latest journey takes me. I continue to feel at peace with this decision. Stay tuned for more details later!