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Ever wonder why some women "cut off" their fertility? I can tell you why. It's because pregnancy makes you go insane. At least it does me. So far, this time I have totally misjudged a dear friend and practically run her over with a mack truck with my words and have blown up at my children simply due to extreme fatigue and morning (all day) sickness. I have realized that I suffered post-traumatic stress disorder from my first two births and am attempting to deal with this, as well as other long-standing unmentionable family issues I am working through.

I know logically that I am acting like a jerk, but emotionally, I feel justified. Anyhow, even if you do not know me, I'd appreciate prayers as I sort this all out.

Other than that, this pregnancy is going great! I am truly excited about another baby and feel especially blessed because I am completely undeserving of such a blessing. I guess that's what grace is all about.

Thank you heavenly Father for seeing me for who I really am, who I want to be, and making me see I am nothing without YOU. Amen!

Caeden's Waterbirth 2006

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I thought I would share some photos from Caeden's birth and if I'm lucky, someday, I'll come across some photos from my other births too. But since I found these, I thought I'd share them since I've been talking about my birth experiences so much!

Yes, I am carrying a watermelon!

Me, in labor... I look thrilled with the cameraman.
I post this to show you don't have to be laying on a bed...
You can indeed do splits also.

My hubby making sure the birth pool is ready.

Caeden, 8 lbs, 8 oz, minutes after birth. This is the most he cried for a while.

Birth bliss. It's real, folks.

My daughter checking out the baby after whispering to me that the doctor, in all his illustrious wisdom and bad bedside manner, and in fact, no manners in front of small children, was wrong when told me (in front of my three children) that I would die if I tried a homebirth. Take that, Dr. McFadden!!
Notice my midwife's wet skirt. Thanks for getting wet on my account, Cassi! :)

My doula, MeriBeth Glenn, taking official measurements.

So happy to hold the little one!

Daddy and his older sister Karin holding the cutest baby of 2006!

Too cute!

Holly, my friend comes over to check out the little man, too!

No, I didn't pose him... He was just that comfortable apparently. :)

Sissa love.

Sam peeking in on the sleepy one.

Daddy, smitten... again. :)


Thumbs are better than binks, mom!
He was my first baby to say "No way, Jose," to pacifiers.

I was born at home! Thanks for the hat, Cassi!

Look, Ma, he has feet!

Thanks for reading! Hope you liked the pictures. They are very special to me.

First Pre-natal

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Well, today I had my first pre-natal appointment with a CNM. It went really well! Unexpectedly so! I have no complaints... Only praises. This is by no means a small feat! If anyone knows me well, these words are perhaps miraculous. :)

The first thing that struck me was the nurse asking me about many herbs. I have never heard a nurse even talk knowledgeably about herbs! The second was their approach to birth in general. -Very much aligned with my views at every turn. I really enjoyed talking with the nurse as well as the midwife. I was pleasantly surprised to get an impromptu ultrasound to "take a peek" at the baby. I was super excited! I can't help it! I love seeing the baby!

I am looking forward to seeing where this latest journey takes me. I continue to feel at peace with this decision. Stay tuned for more details later!