The Plan

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My plan... Another homebirth. But so far, I haven't been able to find a CPM within reasonable range of my residence. As my friend C would say, "Crap on a cracker!"
But sometimes I think God leads us by circumstances. So as of now, we are planning a hospital birth. -Something, I admit, I'm quite fearful of. But every time I start to feel worried or scared, God uses an article or person or simply a verse to remind me to not be afraid and that He will equip me to do whatever His will is.

This story inspired me and helped me to remember that I am a consumer when I go to a hospital.

I am gazing down a path I honestly thought I'd not travel down again. But here I am.... Standing at this fork in the road once again. Hospital birth, not my plan, but His.

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Christine said...

Which one of your strange friends says "Crap on a Cracker"? How weird...... ;)