Oh Where, Oh Where, has this Blogger Gone?

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I suppose I am MIA because I broke my habit of blogging... Or perhaps Facebook has ruined me because of the simplicity of updating the world. No effort at all there. Just click and upload photos easily! No need for long drawn-out explanations. Just a status. Just a sentence. One measly little teeny tiny quote. Minimal proof-reading... Only people I know can read what I post. No one I don't know! So less worries there. Well then why am I blogging today? Well, I was just rereading my birth story for Justus and tearing up at the memory and thought, I really need to try to blog a little more often because it is so nice to go back and read about certain events. Like that special home birth! So I will attempt to blog more. I'm not promising anything because I am pretty busy! But I am gonna give it the ol' college try, whatever the heck that means. :)

Maybe I would feel more motivated if people actually posted comments. (hint-hint)

Any why the pic? Because tonight, I wrestled with a 3-year-old who did not want a hair cut. He screamed the entire time but I triumphed! Then he screamed as I trimmed his 3-inch finger nails... Again, point for ME!


Peep said...

Catch them while they sleep, that's when I cut the kids nails. Mario does the hair cutting and we just resort to bribery and brute force.

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comment. :)