Fat Andy's Give-a-Way!!!!

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Win a gift certificate for 1 Large 1-topping pizza, from Fat Andy's in Grove City, PA!

Fat Andy's has the best pizza in town!!!!!

All you need to do is leave a comment. It's that easy!! And the more comments you leave the more chances to win!

I will randomly draw a winner on December 1, 2009. So comment away and if you want free pizza, visit often!!!!

A Long Vacation

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I know it's been an eternity since I blogged. But have a good reason. We moved and where we live, Internet is freakin' expensive. $70 a month! Are they for real?!? Anyhow, my good friend, Pep, suggested I download an app on my phone so I can update my blog. And this is my test run to see if it works! I have no clue how to post a pic or do anything other than blab. So this post will not be super exciting. But hello to all my readers, if there are any. :)