Seneca Hills Bible Camp - Camp With Me!

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When asked "What was your favorite part of camp?"
Austin answered, "Ga-Ga!" A game pictured above.

The fabulous new pool!

Annie's favorite part of camp was swimming... she is her mother's daughter!!

Annie and Austin were old enough to attend
"Camp With Me" at Seneca Hills. So Jeff went
with them and had a blast! I admit,
I was a tad jealous as I LOVE Seneca!
But I am so glad they got that time together!!!

They did the climbing wall, putt-putt, swimming and games galore!

This is a great shot! I got a few of these from the Seneca Hills site.

Craft time! These came home complete with a great photo of them with their dad!

Both wanted the top bunk.
Big surprise!

Annie, Cute-Ball, the hedgehog, and Austin.


kvanzandt said...

Looks like they both had a great time! (No pictures of Jeffrey!) Glad to see the clothes came in handy!! : )

Mandy2qt said...

Jeff is in the 2nd picture down in the red shirt.

Kelly Dunn said...

Hey..they are in the room that we always stay in when we spend the weekend for our youth "winter weekend" retreat! Look slike fun! We were going to send Chloe and I up for that but the timing was wrong! Corban goes in 2 weeks for 3 days and Lily in August for her first week long...she can't wait! It's over her birthday also, so that makes her more excited! Oh, fun times!