Gotta Have Faith

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Recently a good friend of mine added to her beautiful family! I wanted to write about it because she is one tough lady. She is the mom of 6 boys and her husband is serving in Iraq until the end of the year. She not only home-schools her children and takes care of the home, but also runs a business doing doula and midwifery care. ( )

While out and about, people often ask her why she has so many children. She has given this area of her life over to the Lord. She takes the song, "I Surrender All" to include her womb. May heaps of blessing be upon her, her family and her husband! -And may he safely return to a stronger, happier family!



Jessica said...

I like that picture of Meribeth, she has such a lovely, boy heavy family. She's a real treasure. And I'm glad I've gotten acquainted with you as well at

Blessings to you and yours,


Rebeccah said...

What a great mama. She must gain great strength through her faith. Is the new baby a boy also? I pray for her husbands safe return :-)

Mandy2qt said...

Thank you! Yes, her baby is a boy. Sweet little Daniel. :) her husband is back as of October!