A Trip to the Farm

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Daddy, working hard!

Samuel stops to humor mom for a picture.

A good idea deserves a second go around! Here is Austin.

Aunt Diane sits with the kids on her nice back deck.

I don't know why, but I love this pic of Caeden!

As is tradition, a picture of Annie in front of Lilacs!

Ah, wide open spaces... is a good thing.

My 6-month-old sweet boy!

All the kids looking sweet.

Samuel holding Justus.

Austin wrapped in his 'favorite friend,' Blankie.

We had a lovely day at Jeff's aunt and uncle's farm! It reminded me why I prefer living in the country!! Justus's face says it all... We had a fun time!


mizme's mommy said...
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mizme's mommy said...

Justus is getting so big! And the pics of your kids are adorable! Your heart must be so full with so many beautiful gifts!