Memorial Day Parade, Picnic and a Birthday to Boot!

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Rich Talbert and Jeff Corbett!

Old-fashioned fire truck! WOOT

Me sporting the latest baby-wearing fashions.


Don't ya love old-fashioned, 100-year-old swings?

During lunch, Austin lost his first tooth!

Alliyah and Justus are about 5 months apart in age, but weigh about the same!

"Who wants their picture taken?"
Alliyah says, "MEEEEE!"

Grandma and Papa Corbett (& Justus)

Cousin Micah and Great-Aunt Mary, lovin' on our lil' man.

Karin holding Alliyah, Me holding Justus, and Carrie holding Jeffrey.

Justus and Jeffrey are 11 days apart in age.

Princess Alliyah turned 1!

Uncle Sean and Beth.

Everyone looks thrilled to be partying!

I am guessing this wasn't her first taste of cake.... :)

Karin helping her gift, Alliyah open her gifts!

Let's rock and ROLL!

Justus humming the Battle Hymn of the Republic.


kvanzandt said...

Now, I wanna hear that! Justus humming The Battle Hymn of the Republic.

Marcy said...

Hey, look at those handsome hubbies of ours! :)