Grove City Schools say 10 Minutes is too Long? Come ON, man!

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OK, click on the link and watch this. This is the son of a very dear friend of mine. He worked hard to be named valedictorian and he should have his speech! Like the students even CARE about all the "other" speakers? Um, NOT! What is WRONG with people? Just let him do his speech! My goodness. This isn't the first time there has been a religious issue at Grove City School District. When I graduated from there, I remember an uproar for acknowledging an existence of a higher power. I just remember the asst superintendent addressed God as "The higher power" or something like that. I think the staff needs to be educated on what the law really says about religion in schools. I took a semester college course on it and most people are completely ignorant about what the law actually states. In a nutshell, religion is allowed if it is student initiated... Um, hello! A valedictorian IS a student. So he should be allowed to say whatever he wants to say!!

10 minutes for a speech... Ok, big breath as I try not to explode with irritation: COME ON! Pah-lease! "because someone complained" WHO? Who complained is what I'd like to know and why does it matter?!?! I'll tell who complained... SATAN did. Shame on you, Dr. Post, SHAME. ON. YOU.

I challenge anyone who believes Jordan Gruber should be able to speak at his commencement to e-mail the school and let them know:


Mandy2qt said...

Here is what I wrote to the district: I believe Jordan Gruber has earned the right to address his class during the commencement ceremony. I just wanted you to know that we in the community care and are paying attention to this decision. Please reconsider your former decision to delete this from the program. Thank you, Mandy Corbett class of '94

Anonymous said...

I would like to express my disappointment in hearing that the valedictorian will not be permitted to speak at the upcoming graduation ceremony. As I understand it, the reason has been given that it is in some way related to time constraints. I find that reason completely ridiculous. There are a lot of arguments and reasoning that I feel could be listed but I believe there is a simplicity to this issue that forgoes any elaboration. Taking away the speech of the valedictorian is brutalizing the very spirit of what the ceremony is for.
I, and many others, believe this to be entirely based on officials' concerns over the content of the speech. I won't speculate here but it's probably not hard to guess why. We are also aware that this person will be attending the US Naval Academy. They will be defending our right to free speech. Please consider resisting your urge to deny this right to one of your finest students ever as they are apparently willing to sacrafice much to defend yours.
I graduated from this same high school in 1994. Feel free to look me up.

Anonymous said...

I am writing to let you know about my outrage on behalf of Jordan Gruber since he is not allowed to speak at his graduation ceremony. Quite frankly that is beyond appalling and an insult to Mr. Gruber, the other graduates and his family. He undoubtedly has worked very hard to earn the right to call himself the Valedictorian and one of the great honors of that has been being able to give a speech at graduation. However it seems the administration says it will "take up too much time". Honestly that is such a flimsy answer I would laugh if I didn't find it so sad. This is graduation and if the parents think it takes to long then cut something else out, but graduation is for the students just as much as it is for the parents. These kids have worked for 12 years (6,311,390.40 minutes by the way) to reach this moment, what is another ten minutes in the grand scheme of things? Let him speak and cut some other way, perhaps, the administration shouldn't speak or if they do speak limit their time, or limit the time of other speakers. Make sure to keep the focus on the fact that they kids have worked very hard to achieve the status of graduates. They are finishing one chapter of their lives ready to embark on yet another exciting chapter and they should be awarded the time to have themselves represented by the valedictorian and give them a send off to what lies ahead for them in this life.

Wendy Halovanic Sullivan
Class of 1994

mizme's mommy said...

I know you have probably read this email about how a valedictorian was told not to acknowledge God in his speach in any manner. And how - at the end of his speach, he sneezed. All of his class then responded with "God Bless You".

I feel the school officals may have received that email and are afraid of how someone with a brain can find a way to invite God in when others do not wish Him to be invited.

Anonymous said...

Well, you sure created a fine site! And, it looks like you fought for Jordan, successfully, I might add! It was the first thing that popped up on a Google search which was an attempt to just see if any of his Naval Academy success had shown up. I clicked this and was very impressed!

One anon post to Jordan's speech proposed that he may well rise, even amongst the selective students at the Academy. It didn't take him very long. God Bless Jordan! He might be Commander of the Plebe Class!! A lot of their Acheivements are probably kept quiet. Mentioning all of the success from Tim and Jordan begins to sound "a bit much," coming from proud parents. So, we don't know 'all about it,' much of the time. But, they're doing GREAT!!

Thank You!!

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