Fish for Free Day! "Thank you, Dick Stevenson!"

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Grandpa explains how the tackle box works to Samuel.

Annie is ready to go!
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for providing tackle boxes and poles for everyone!

Caeden was SO excited to fish! It was his first time and he kept saying, "Let's GO! I need to shoot some fish!" He would get the fishing pole and point it like a gun at the water, LOL.

Picnics are lovely!

Austin getting geared up for fishing!

Grandma and Jeff heat up some hot dogs and hamburgers.

Jeff snapped a photo of the geese on the water.

Jeff, fishing!

Samuel caught four fish! Once he cast out about 2 feet from the shore and caught a fish immediately!! One was a large mouth bass that was too small to keep.

Austin and his lovely bluegill.

Annie caught a cat fish, which we let go.

Annie kept Justus happy while Mom attempted to catch more fish!

Not bad for half a day of fishing! We cleaned them and ate them later on. They were delicious!