Double Baby Dedication

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To the left, we have the Corbetts with Justus Alexander and to the right,
the VanZandts with Alliyah Mae! In the middle, our multi-talented and exceptionally coordinated pastor, Richard LaFountain!

Flashes, too bright, must make face to combat the blinding light!

Here we all are! Aren't we CUTE?!?!

Please ignore the gloved jazz hand Frank is extending in the back as he chants, "TA-DAAAAAAH!"

Justus says, what is this? I know not what it is for, but I despise it... Pacifiers are for the WEAK. ;)

My mom and Dad, Samuel, Andrew and Caeden chow down.

Frank's Mom and Step-Dad, Karin and Alliyah.

Austin and Zach- no explanation needed. :)

Kelly, Elli, Annie and Kaity.

Karin, listening to Frank.

Mommy & Alliyah... sweeties.

Me, Jeff, Jim (Papa) and Sean.



Grandma and Alliyah

Fun Day, Good Times.