Yo, VIP, Let's KICK it!

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Ah, yes, soccer season has started again!

Nothing like a good game of Christmas checkers in between games!
Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa Snyder!

Last three photos by Christine Barger, the budding photographer!

I can't believe the little Papoose is TEN!

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Aunt Karin could handle twins!

Nathaniel, my nephew takes a shot at the pretty pinata!

DIE, pinata, DIE!

The birthday girl, Kaity, looks around for the next batter.



The fairy ballerina shirt we found on Cafe Press. Isn't it perrrty?

"Eenie, meanie, minie, MOE.
I got lot's of gifts, I know."

Happy birthday to you!


Uncle Tawny and Liah.

Papa holding Caeden.

Gwen and Kaity displaying her newest doll friend, Kaya.

Justus made a friend as well! WOOT!

Cleaner Floors? CHECK!

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Sometimes God just surprises the socks off me. Our regular vacuum died a sudden death. And a friend had written about the iRobot Roombas and how she had one and loved it. This had gotten me thinking, but the prices are pretty high for them. Plus, I wondered if they even worked! Well, that day I prayed that God would take care of this vacuum issue.

That evening, Jeff took Annie out on a Daddy-Daughter date and decided to go to Sears and "just look" at the vacuums. Amazingly, there was an iRobot Roomba there amongst the other regular-priced ones for $19.97! Jeff took it and went to the cashier who even said, "This has to be an error!" But sure enough, the computer confirmed the price! So he bought it and brought it home as a surprise for me!

I am happy to report that "WALLE" as the children affectionately call him, not only works, but works well!! We let him do his job twice a day for now. You would be amazed at the stuff he picks up!

WALLE in action!


Happy Easter!

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Proof that Children are Blessings..... so Precious!

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And I Saw Her Face...

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Our little darling has been practicing her baton and humoring her mother... as I attempt to critique her!

When she was born: "And I saw her face, now I'm a believer!"


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Changing Locks
('Somebody' really wants a certain American Girl doll, Chrissa, and decided after watching the new movie that she wanted 'hair like Chrissa.") When I asked her why, she said she liked the hair-style and in case she got the doll, she would look like her.

Adding a part-time teacher... my dad! Twas my husband's idea to ask my dad, a former teacher, to help out twice a week home-schooling. This day he read three stories about land, creation story and a snowy day, checked handwriting and helped with our science experiment!

Here is one of our favorite science experiments you will see again and again: Sink or Float... We love it so we do it often! LOL!

A Visit from the Great-Gramma and Great-Aunt

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Great-Gramma Pink and Justus!

Happy kids get treats galore!

Aunt Donna comforts Caeden who had his nose in a twist.

Group shot! Gotta love kids and their moods.

Let's Dance

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It was "Parent Watch Week" at the dance studio and I actually had my camera for her jazz class. So here are a few pics of our budding performer.

Her leaps are actually quite good!

Posing up a storm.

Kickity-kick... inside I am screaming, "POINT THOSE TOES!" On the outside, I am taking deep breaths keeping to my vow to NOT be a stage mom! :) So instead I say, "Did you have fun? That's the most important thing!"

The After-Party

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Justus with his blankie on his head.

Great-Grandma Fair holding our sweet blessing.

Alliyah must be growing if she can reach the piano!!

Papa and Justus get to know each other!

Food, glorious food!

Alliyah eating her dinner.

Grandma and Justus, happy as clams!