Weekend at Gramma Snyder's

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Mmmm, sunshine!

A good friend, Lacey, handmade a blanket for Justus! Here you see him cuddling up to it... he loves it! Thank you, Lacey, for caring so much for our little man that you would take the time to make him this special gift! :)

Since taking a 6-week sewing class, Annie has been sharpening her skills. When Gramma Snyder invited her out to sew doll clothes, Annie JUMPED at the opportunity! Here she is posing with Mia and her new handmade dress that Gramma Snyder helped her sew!

Annie, Gramma Snyder, Justus and Mia.

Annie, Grandpa Snyder, Mia and Austin.

Jeff, playing catch in the sun.


Peep said...

Hey these are great pictures! You are backing them up, right?

Mandy2qt said...

haaaaaa... sure....

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