Someone's Gonna Get A Karate Chop Sammich!

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So for Home-School Group the younger kids learned from a black-belt Karate instructor, Mr. Saunders. As usual, Justus was all joy and smiles...

And Caeden was not a happy camper and managed to rug-burn his forehead while screeching his head off in the nursery...

Learning to properly fall... hmmm, maybe I needed to take this class..

Kicking... Austin was apparently dubbed, "The Karate Kid," by the instructor and asked to help demonstrate.

Most of the photos of Sam came out fuzzy... because he was a blur of fists and fury!

Jodi Glessner holding the "Joy Spreader" Justus.

Fun time... I love my Home-School Gang.. Which is what I think it should be called... The GANG!


Marcy said...

Mr. Saunders is awesome! He gave the Daisies troop instruction for their Strong and Courageous petal. Shannon loved it!

Mandy2qt said...

Yes! It looked like a lot of fun!