Growing Sweetly

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Once or twice a year, I like to take pictures where I actually make an effort to do them 'right.' (ish)
So here are the sweet darlings in my life! Justus is first... our 4-month-old little man.

Next we have Caeden. There were so many funny ones of him, so expect me to post a few more of him another time!

Samuel, our candyman and cheeser smiler! What an adorable little kid he is!

Austin and his favorite friend. Look at those big brown eyes! What a cute boy!

And lastly, our ribbons and lace, girly, girl, but could kick any boy's butt, Annie! What a special, smart little girl she is becoming!


kvanzandt said...

I just want to kiss them all!!!

Lace said...

Great pictures Mandy! And referring to your previous post- your welcome for the blanket!! :)