Growing Sweetly

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Once or twice a year, I like to take pictures where I actually make an effort to do them 'right.' (ish)
So here are the sweet darlings in my life! Justus is first... our 4-month-old little man.

Next we have Caeden. There were so many funny ones of him, so expect me to post a few more of him another time!

Samuel, our candyman and cheeser smiler! What an adorable little kid he is!

Austin and his favorite friend. Look at those big brown eyes! What a cute boy!

And lastly, our ribbons and lace, girly, girl, but could kick any boy's butt, Annie! What a special, smart little girl she is becoming!

Weekend at Gramma Snyder's

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Mmmm, sunshine!

A good friend, Lacey, handmade a blanket for Justus! Here you see him cuddling up to it... he loves it! Thank you, Lacey, for caring so much for our little man that you would take the time to make him this special gift! :)

Since taking a 6-week sewing class, Annie has been sharpening her skills. When Gramma Snyder invited her out to sew doll clothes, Annie JUMPED at the opportunity! Here she is posing with Mia and her new handmade dress that Gramma Snyder helped her sew!

Annie, Gramma Snyder, Justus and Mia.

Annie, Grandpa Snyder, Mia and Austin.

Jeff, playing catch in the sun.

4 Months Already!

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"Whoopie! I love Pep!"

Someone's Gonna Get A Karate Chop Sammich!

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So for Home-School Group the younger kids learned from a black-belt Karate instructor, Mr. Saunders. As usual, Justus was all joy and smiles...

And Caeden was not a happy camper and managed to rug-burn his forehead while screeching his head off in the nursery...

Learning to properly fall... hmmm, maybe I needed to take this class..

Kicking... Austin was apparently dubbed, "The Karate Kid," by the instructor and asked to help demonstrate.

Most of the photos of Sam came out fuzzy... because he was a blur of fists and fury!

Jodi Glessner holding the "Joy Spreader" Justus.

Fun time... I love my Home-School Gang.. Which is what I think it should be called... The GANG!

Beatty Family Candles

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A very good friend and fellow home-schooling mom started a candle-making business and I have decided to feature her here on my blog! What started out as a home-schooling project soon became a hobby that evolved into a business. Here is her story:

Our story... I bought a homemade soy candle from Emmetts Orchard in October 2008 and was amazed that she made these and she made it sound so simple. I googled how to make a candle and found a great website that had step by step instructions and of course the supplies. This began our idea to make gifts for our friends and family and Sunday school teachers. We had so much fun we made too many candles, so we decided to try to sell them for a reasonable price. Our response was incredible!!! So here we are today...we'll see what happens.




Mason Jars

Jelly Jars

small Victorian jar

Large Squared Flair


Flaired Square $15

Mason Jars $9

Jelly Jars $5

Small Victorian Jar $7

Tin $6

Tarts $2

The Daisy Lid fits the Mason and Jelly Jars. If you would like this lid, please specify when you order.

Scents (we love them all!):

Fruit Slices

Rain Water

Love Spell

Green Tea & Lemongrass

Bird of Paradise

Lavender Vanilla

Ribbon colors and patterns will vary. If you would like to see and smell the candles before you decide, please let me know. If you would like to place an order, please email or call me. Please specify the type of jar and scent you would like. We will get you your candles as soon as possible.

Thanks for looking. Please feel free to tell anyone you think may be interested. Thanks so much!!

The Beatty Family Tonya and kids!!


Circle of Kids

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Getting this shot was not easy... most of them have Sam putting his hands in his face, Annie sticking out her tongue, Caeden moving his head away to where he wanted it and Justus screaming! So enjoy this hard-sought-after photo!!

And the WINNER of the free Fat Andy's Pizza IS......

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Mrs. Christine Barger!

And what did we all learn from this? To win, you must enter A LOT! Austin pulled the name out of an actual hat and Annie attempted to read it, lol!

ENJOY YOUR FREE PIZZA, Barger family.... again!