Another Fat Andy's Give-a-Way!

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Once again, I am offering a free give-a-way! Yay!

All you need to do to enter is leave a comment. The more comments, the more entries you get!

The winner will receive a Free Large-3-topping pizza and a 2-Liter from Fat Andy's of Grove City, PA. 116 S. Broad Street, Grove City, PA 16127. 724-458-7900.

You must live within reasonable distance from Fat Andy's or are planning to be in the area... as this is a gift certificate.

I will pick a winner randomly on March 1, 2009.

Watch *BEFORE* you agree to Gardasil

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Watch CBS Videos Online

Nurse Lesson

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My cousin, Shannon, was gracious enough to agree to be a speaker for my home school group! THANK YOU, Shannon!

She did a fabulous job and the kids loved her and listened very well!

Austin is showing me his Valentine bag.

Karin, also a nurse in the family came as well and provided us with masks, hats, gloves and scrubs to show the children and pass out! Annie and Elli are also in this shot.

And the Winner is....

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For the Fat Andy's Drawing:

Christine Barger!


Fraction Action

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I love pizza math! Yuuummm!