Our Kids are the Cutest Ever!

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OKAY, so maybe I'm biased!

Caeden loves his baths! Isn't he cute?

A cute twist-jump!

Austin says he just wants to look 'cool'... and it starts... cute, kid, cute.

Angry Alligator, albeit a cute angry alligator.

Samuel, the cute Care Bear.

Caeden really loves his naps and his Goldfish... how cuuute!

Samuel sleeps... how cute!

Justus... who could resist holding this cute baby?

Aw, how CUTE!

Austin, carrying Caeden.... cute!

BIIIIG stretch! Do I have to say it? OK, I will, CUTE!

Again, who could resist this little bundle of smirky cuteness?

Ballroom dancing.... cute.

Sister and brothers sans Justus... ccccc-uuu-tttt-eeee!

Life is indeed a cute giggle-fest at our house every day!