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I have always loved to take pictures. From the first photos I took as a child of my posed Barbie dolls to the ones of my dressed-up mini dachshund, Pokey. I have also loved to capture action shots! From my girlfriends doing toe-touches during cheer leading practice, to my cousins jumping on the bed. So here, not surprisingly is another action shot of my son Caeden jumping off a stool. I took many! Like I said, I love to try to capture 'action' somewhat obsessively.
Here are some pictures of Annie, bless her heart, attempting to calm Justus for me. Why these photos are significant for me is because as a child I was not one time allowed to hold a baby! I remember asking different times and being told NO, you might hurt the baby! So I developed this illogical fear of babies. I was so afraid I would hurt them even into my teen and adult years. I remember my youth pastor asking me to hold his daughter, Sarah for a moment. I was 19 at the time. I held her but I was so worried, that when he came back, I handed her over immediately with great relief! I am so glad Annie will not suffer this same fate and will instead be an expert baby-holder.

This picture is significant because it demonstrates how Justus yells and grunts like a body builder when he is put on his tummy! He is a strong little thing and it seems like he views 'Tummy Time' as a personal challenge instead of something fun to develop his neck strength. Man, is it funny to see him grunting and arching with a competetive spirit.