Dumb Sheep Brigade

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So, I was thinking about my inability to do what I should and what I know is right and feeling rather depressed about it. It seems no matter what lesson I learn, I turn around and mess it up first chance I get! How dumb can one gal be? I really do think we are like dumb sheep! Actually, I am the leader of the Dumb Sheep Brigade! I would love to believe I am the exception to the rule, but when push comes to shove, I fall down face-first into the icky mud! Kerrrr-SPLAT!

I have decided that I can only focus a few minutes at the most ahead and be happy with small triumphs!

If I manage a polite response when I feel like ripping someones head off, then I should thank God!

If I focus on what someone else is saying and truly care about what they are saying instead of thinking of what I will say next, I have succeeded in being a little less selfish for one minute of my day! Hooray!

What does all this rambling mean? It means this: I am a sinner. Which means I miss the mark. I get the gutter ball! I do a belly flop instead of that flawless swan dive! I trip and spill the plate of spaghetti on the floor!

Which is why I should simply be thankful for one more day with my precious family and most importantly that Christ died to save me from the pit of Hell. So, today, this very minute, I say thank you Jesus! For without You, without grace, I would really be lost! Because of You, this sinner can trip and fall all the way through life and one day be with You in Heaven!