Daffin's Announces Winners for Kid in a Candy Store Audition

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Daffin's Candies has announced their final pick for the "kids" in the Candy Store Campaign. Over 600 kids from five to nine years old applied to audition for the distinction of "Daffin's Kid in the Candy Store". The twins Kylee and Carina Loreno won, and they will be in commercials that represent the World's Largest Candy Store and Home of the Chocolate Kingdom at 496 East State Street, Sharon, PA.
The selection was difficult. All of the candidates were full of enthusiasm and talent. The Loreno twins will receive a trip to Disney World for the family.
The Daffin Family wishes to thank all who auditioned and hope that Daffin's Candies will still be their "absolutist favorite!" Candy is Happiness.

My commentary: I figured I should update everyone since our kids auditioned for the Kid in a Candy Store... If I had thought for a moment, I would have realized that twins would have the edge in this competition. Remember Full House and the Olsen twins? I actually watched an E! Entertainment show once about how movie directors cast twins more often due to laws regarding how many hours a child can work. I still say congrats to these cuties! But if I had thought about it, I would have been able to predict this outcome!