Adventures in Writing

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While teaching about story-writing, I came acroos some fun sites that allow you to plug in different words and then create a unique story. Here is one Annie did today:

Annie's Lund Adventure...

It was a cold day for fishing! The sky was red, the turtles were chirping, a perfect winter day. My friend Megan and I were heading out on Lake Erie in my Lund wooden boat. We had spent days planning for our fishing trip, and each of us had packed our gear carefully! Megan brought her favorite pink fishing rod, and a bunch of bacon as bait. She also packed her stereo, and a CD from her favorite band, Grove City High School Marching Band.
I was responsible for bringing lunch. To make sure we didn't go hungry on our trip, I packed 5 ice cream sandwiches and 3 bags of McDonald's cheesburgers. I also brought a couple bottles of pink milk our favorite drink!
We were all set to go! I fired up the motor, and we cruised across Lake Erie. We went straight to our favorite fishing hole where the water is very deep, and the fish seemed to be as big as a yellow labs!
We put down our lines, and sat back to wait for a bite. We were getting hungry, so we started munching on some McDonald's cheesburgers. Just then, Megan's bobber went under � she had a bite! And this was no small fish she had a huge whale on the line! Megan grabbed her pink fishing pole and shouted, "Oh my gosh! That's AWESOME!! "
I rushed over to help Megan reel in her catch. It is a good thing my Lund wooden boat is so sturdy Otherwise, this fish might have tipped us over! After a long fight with the fish, we saw it coming to the surface. I grabbed the net and exclaimed, "Yay hey HEY!!!"
Together, we pulled the whale into the Lund. That fish must have weighed 6 pounds! It had a shiny yellow back and it was not happy about being out of the water. So, we decided to release the fish but first, we took a picture! "That's going to be a great photo!" I said. "I'm going to hang it on my lamp"
As we re-lived the exciting catch, we noticed clouds quickly rolling in. It looked like rain was headed our way! So, we quickly packed up our gear, and half-eaten ice cream sandwiches, and headed back toward shore. At this point, the sky was turning green, but my Lund is so fast it got us back on land in no time!
So, our fishing adventure was over, but we would always have the great memories of Megan's 6 pound whale. I see the picture every day hanging on my lamp.

Here is the link so you can try: