Fat Andy's Give-a-Way

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Okay, so I am a bit of a pizza connoisseur. Translation? I am picky! Picky = disappointed most of the time with the pizza places here in town. I am a die-hard Papa John's fan through and through.... But since PJ is not around here, I settle for what is here.... and in my opinion, it is pretty bland and boring. So when a hot, steamy, Fat Andy's pizza arrived, I wasn't looking for anything more than the ordinary pizza.
Boy was I surprised! When I opened the box I told the kids I had to get a picture of it! It was delightful to behold! The true test, though was how it tasted! Again, I was shocked! It was as good as Papa John's! How could this be? So I was compelled to call the owner and let him know he had the best pizza in Grove City!!!

So, in honor of the sheer joy of a beautiful and yummy pizza delivered right to my door, I have decided to offer a give-a-way!
If you leave a comment, you will be entered in my drawing. The drawing will take place on Feb 10, 2009. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and the prize will be
one large pizza with three toppings
and a 2-liter of pop!
If you leave me with a way to contact you, I will. If not, please check back Feb 10th!

Daffin's Announces Winners for Kid in a Candy Store Audition

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Daffin's Candies has announced their final pick for the "kids" in the Candy Store Campaign. Over 600 kids from five to nine years old applied to audition for the distinction of "Daffin's Kid in the Candy Store". The twins Kylee and Carina Loreno won, and they will be in commercials that represent the World's Largest Candy Store and Home of the Chocolate Kingdom at 496 East State Street, Sharon, PA.
The selection was difficult. All of the candidates were full of enthusiasm and talent. The Loreno twins will receive a trip to Disney World for the family.
The Daffin Family wishes to thank all who auditioned and hope that Daffin's Candies will still be their "absolutist favorite!" Candy is Happiness.

My commentary: I figured I should update everyone since our kids auditioned for the Kid in a Candy Store... If I had thought for a moment, I would have realized that twins would have the edge in this competition. Remember Full House and the Olsen twins? I actually watched an E! Entertainment show once about how movie directors cast twins more often due to laws regarding how many hours a child can work. I still say congrats to these cuties! But if I had thought about it, I would have been able to predict this outcome!

FireProof DVD Give-a-Way!

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FireProof Give-a-way! Enter here!

ERGO Giveaway!

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Our Blessed Arrows is having a great giveaway!

ERGO is top of the line among baby carriers but they are EXPENSIVE! It takes a bit of saving to be able to afford the ERGO carrier - the accessories kinda get left aside even though it would be nice to have an entire matching set.So, this week Our Blessed Arrows is giving away an entire set of matching ERGO accessories (carrier NOT included) in cranberry! Included in this set are:
Diaper Bag (I believe this is no longer made)
Back Pack
Waist Pouch
The retail value of this set is about $98.
The actual ERGO baby carrier is NOT included in this giveaway. This giveaway is only for the accessories listed above.

My Favorite Record as a Kid

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Spiced Pineapple

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#1 Pineapple.... CHECK!

#2 Red Jello (I used raspberry) CHECK!

Have child arrange slices (like a puzzle).

Sprinkle Jello over top and serve.
You may not believe me, but it is yummy!
Try it! C'mon, you know you want to!!

Our Kids are the Cutest Ever!

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OKAY, so maybe I'm biased!

Caeden loves his baths! Isn't he cute?

A cute twist-jump!

Austin says he just wants to look 'cool'... and it starts... cute, kid, cute.

Angry Alligator, albeit a cute angry alligator.

Samuel, the cute Care Bear.

Caeden really loves his naps and his Goldfish... how cuuute!

Samuel sleeps... how cute!

Justus... who could resist holding this cute baby?

Aw, how CUTE!

Austin, carrying Caeden.... cute!

BIIIIG stretch! Do I have to say it? OK, I will, CUTE!

Again, who could resist this little bundle of smirky cuteness?

Ballroom dancing.... cute.

Sister and brothers sans Justus... ccccc-uuu-tttt-eeee!

Life is indeed a cute giggle-fest at our house every day!

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I have always loved to take pictures. From the first photos I took as a child of my posed Barbie dolls to the ones of my dressed-up mini dachshund, Pokey. I have also loved to capture action shots! From my girlfriends doing toe-touches during cheer leading practice, to my cousins jumping on the bed. So here, not surprisingly is another action shot of my son Caeden jumping off a stool. I took many! Like I said, I love to try to capture 'action' somewhat obsessively.
Here are some pictures of Annie, bless her heart, attempting to calm Justus for me. Why these photos are significant for me is because as a child I was not one time allowed to hold a baby! I remember asking different times and being told NO, you might hurt the baby! So I developed this illogical fear of babies. I was so afraid I would hurt them even into my teen and adult years. I remember my youth pastor asking me to hold his daughter, Sarah for a moment. I was 19 at the time. I held her but I was so worried, that when he came back, I handed her over immediately with great relief! I am so glad Annie will not suffer this same fate and will instead be an expert baby-holder.

This picture is significant because it demonstrates how Justus yells and grunts like a body builder when he is put on his tummy! He is a strong little thing and it seems like he views 'Tummy Time' as a personal challenge instead of something fun to develop his neck strength. Man, is it funny to see him grunting and arching with a competetive spirit.

Daddy ~ Daughter Day

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Brian and Jeff have been friends, well, forever! Now that they have daughters the same age, they decided to have a daddy - daughter day. Megan's idea!
Brian and Megan

Jeff and Annie

Getting ready to go sledding...

Brian ready to tear up the hills!

Building the igloo

Lookin' good, girls!

Two peas in a pod

Two farts on a log


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I thought I knew what I wanted in life...
a good job,
a happy marriage,
a couple children, maybe...
Until I was given what I never knew I wanted...
"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows."
James 1:17

The above pictures are of Justus who is 2 months old!





Adventures in Writing

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While teaching about story-writing, I came acroos some fun sites that allow you to plug in different words and then create a unique story. Here is one Annie did today:

Annie's Lund Adventure...

It was a cold day for fishing! The sky was red, the turtles were chirping, a perfect winter day. My friend Megan and I were heading out on Lake Erie in my Lund wooden boat. We had spent days planning for our fishing trip, and each of us had packed our gear carefully! Megan brought her favorite pink fishing rod, and a bunch of bacon as bait. She also packed her stereo, and a CD from her favorite band, Grove City High School Marching Band.
I was responsible for bringing lunch. To make sure we didn't go hungry on our trip, I packed 5 ice cream sandwiches and 3 bags of McDonald's cheesburgers. I also brought a couple bottles of pink milk our favorite drink!
We were all set to go! I fired up the motor, and we cruised across Lake Erie. We went straight to our favorite fishing hole where the water is very deep, and the fish seemed to be as big as a yellow labs!
We put down our lines, and sat back to wait for a bite. We were getting hungry, so we started munching on some McDonald's cheesburgers. Just then, Megan's bobber went under � she had a bite! And this was no small fish she had a huge whale on the line! Megan grabbed her pink fishing pole and shouted, "Oh my gosh! That's AWESOME!! "
I rushed over to help Megan reel in her catch. It is a good thing my Lund wooden boat is so sturdy Otherwise, this fish might have tipped us over! After a long fight with the fish, we saw it coming to the surface. I grabbed the net and exclaimed, "Yay hey HEY!!!"
Together, we pulled the whale into the Lund. That fish must have weighed 6 pounds! It had a shiny yellow back and it was not happy about being out of the water. So, we decided to release the fish but first, we took a picture! "That's going to be a great photo!" I said. "I'm going to hang it on my lamp"
As we re-lived the exciting catch, we noticed clouds quickly rolling in. It looked like rain was headed our way! So, we quickly packed up our gear, and half-eaten ice cream sandwiches, and headed back toward shore. At this point, the sky was turning green, but my Lund is so fast it got us back on land in no time!
So, our fishing adventure was over, but we would always have the great memories of Megan's 6 pound whale. I see the picture every day hanging on my lamp.

Here is the link so you can try: http://www.lundboats.com/kids_adventurestory1.html

Sweetie Pie

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