It's a Old Fart Christmas!

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This year, my Aunt Sausage graciously planned the Christmas family gathering compete with Christmas music playing, decorations, and games! We had fun seeing our Old Fart side of the family. It has been too long!!!
My Aunt Sausage had the best of intentions when she suggested a family portrait. Unfortunately, C was done being happy for the day.

T-Bone, my cousin Raggamuffin's's wife, gets ready to photograph the snowball fight and Build a SnowDad contest!
My parents chat with Uncle Droid.

Jasper chats with my cousin Raggamuffin, while the children play.

A proudly displays her coloring abilities!

C, pre-melt-down


Jasper, Staple Ballhead, Milford Saltblock, and Raggamuffin Needlenose (SnowDads)

Back row: grandparents: Dolly Old Fart, Waffle-head Old Fart, cousin: Raggamuffin
Front row: Me, cousins: Shutterbug Ballhead, and Slapper Saltblock