Getting Ready for Christmas!

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Christmas is almost here, as my daughter keeps reminding me with her tally of 'how many days until Christmas.' Here is a picture of the children together, with their new haircuts compliments of Daddy. He was planing to just cut Austin's hair when Samuel requested, no demanded a 'cool' hairdo as well. And, of course, Caeden could not be left out... As soon as Samuel was finished, Caeden climbed up on the chair and declared it was his turn.

And as for the tree in the background, we finally went to the ol' tree lot and found the most inexpensive tree on their lot! Samuel chose it and it just happened to be a mere $14.95! It is a nice tree and we wondered what was wrong with it. But nothing was and hey, you throw the thing away anyhow!

Does anyone else get moderately stressed at the thought of four children decorating a whole tree? Well, there was no need this year as they all did great! Last year our angel tree-topper broke and our stand-by star did as well. And I completely forgot until this year. So I made a tree-topper with a few ribbons and a cross we had hanging on the wall in the kitchen.


The Bernardi's said...

That's a cute picture! You should post more pics of the tree. I want to see that topper!

Thanks for card! It was so sneaky and sweet!!!!