Wool and cloth diaper adventures

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So I never did find anyone proficient in knitting that wanted to help me out here in town. But a person I met online who lives in California and has two toddler boys and 1-month-old triplet girls sent me some infant wool soakers and a pair of longies! She just sent them... for free... because she didn't want any boyish things on her girly girls and she is just plain giving and selfless! Amazing how a perfect stranger was so eager to help out! Such a cool thing.

So, I started using what I had cloth diaper-wise on Caeden to get a feel for what this venture was going to take and so far, so good! He actually seems to like cloth over 'sposies.' For oh, two months he has all out been pitching a fit when I changed his dipe. Well the first time I used a cloth diaper, he was perplexed and then said, "Mama, niiiiiice!!!" It was quite funny! I was thinking about it and wondering why he prefers cloth and then I had a thought. After I had Caeden, my midwife brought me some of those paper underwear instead of the Mount Rushmore size pads for Giants... Now granted, they worked GREAT... But they really were quite uncomfortable and sweaty. ~Cloth can breathe~ Anyhow, so far so good. Washing hasn't been a big deal yet except that I have to do it daily b/c I don't have enough yet. But I am just dealing with one baby so far. So we shall see!