Photos from our home birth

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Justus Alexander Corbett
7 lbs 13 oz 21 inches
Born Nov. 6th at 8:52 am into his Daddy's hands.
Holding Justus minutes after birth.
Our blessing of a midwife, MeriBeth, arrived minutes later and, of course, Daddy,
Midhusband for a day! (photo by Samuel)

Daddy is quite taken with his beautiful new son, not only given to us by God, but also named by Him as well! (Photo by Sam)

Close-up of Justus, photo taken by Sam.

Annie cut the cord officially. We only have that on video.

Here Justus is being weighed and measured.

Austin holding his new baby brother.

Caeden is all smiles.

Daddy, deservedly tuckered out.

Our perfect angel.

Caeden's turn!

Samuel has been asking to hold baby Justus when he 'pops out' for months!

A visit from Grandma.

Still smiling!

Samuel and Caeden looking Justus over.

Where's Justus? Pssst, behind you.

MMmmmm, fingers.


kvanzandt said...

He is beautiful!!! No bias here! You are so blessed, and knowing all I do about his birth and the things that could have gone wrong (because I've seen it happen!)...Well, his birth is testament to God's provision, faithfulness and how He answers prayers!!