Happy 4th Birthday, Samuel Corbett!

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Happy Birthday, Samuel!

Transformers cake and cupcakes
Jeff thinks I should send it to cake disasters. lol. >:(

Why spend money on balloons when you can simply make your own with a Sharpie?

'Arrrrgh, I'm Captain Jack Sparrow!'

My own Bible!
Captain Shrunk (no idea where that name came from, but that is what he said he name was)

You never need worry about your baby when Optimus Prime is your babysitter.

Cousin Zach holds Justus.

Grandma Corbett and Justus.

Justus, Grandma C, Karin, Alliyah and Papa C

Uncle Frank!

Uncle Sean!

Sam, Papa C and Caeden

A nice shot, if I do say so myself, of Justus, Gramma C and Alliyah...

Sadly, Caeden tossed his cookies at the end of the party and here is Grandma Snyder cuddling him and Grandpa Snyder sitting on a chair after giving towels to us to clean up another 'mess'.

Samuel transformed into Optimus Prime!


kvanzandt said...

Nice pictures!! : )

The Bernardi's said...

Happy Birthday Captain Shrunk!! If on;y I had a cool name....