Happy 4th Birthday, Samuel Corbett!

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Happy Birthday, Samuel!

Transformers cake and cupcakes
Jeff thinks I should send it to cake disasters. lol. >:(

Why spend money on balloons when you can simply make your own with a Sharpie?

'Arrrrgh, I'm Captain Jack Sparrow!'

My own Bible!
Captain Shrunk (no idea where that name came from, but that is what he said he name was)

You never need worry about your baby when Optimus Prime is your babysitter.

Cousin Zach holds Justus.

Grandma Corbett and Justus.

Justus, Grandma C, Karin, Alliyah and Papa C

Uncle Frank!

Uncle Sean!

Sam, Papa C and Caeden

A nice shot, if I do say so myself, of Justus, Gramma C and Alliyah...

Sadly, Caeden tossed his cookies at the end of the party and here is Grandma Snyder cuddling him and Grandpa Snyder sitting on a chair after giving towels to us to clean up another 'mess'.

Samuel transformed into Optimus Prime!

Snow, snow, snoooooow!

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That's it, just SNOW!

The Books of the NT

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Annie wanted to share her latest achievement!

Which One?

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Take Poll to the left to help us decide on the picture for the birth announcements being handmade by a friend as we 'speak.' I know, we are spoiling the surprise... LOL... Surprises are overrated.




Smiley is 6 Days Old!

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Justus weighed 8 lbs 13 oz today at his appointment. He is a good eater!

Photos from our home birth

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Justus Alexander Corbett
7 lbs 13 oz 21 inches
Born Nov. 6th at 8:52 am into his Daddy's hands.
Holding Justus minutes after birth.
Our blessing of a midwife, MeriBeth, arrived minutes later and, of course, Daddy,
Midhusband for a day! (photo by Samuel)

Daddy is quite taken with his beautiful new son, not only given to us by God, but also named by Him as well! (Photo by Sam)

Close-up of Justus, photo taken by Sam.

Annie cut the cord officially. We only have that on video.

Here Justus is being weighed and measured.

Austin holding his new baby brother.

Caeden is all smiles.

Daddy, deservedly tuckered out.

Our perfect angel.

Caeden's turn!

Samuel has been asking to hold baby Justus when he 'pops out' for months!

A visit from Grandma.

Still smiling!

Samuel and Caeden looking Justus over.

Where's Justus? Pssst, behind you.

MMmmmm, fingers.

Baby Baby

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Justus Alexander’s Birth Story

Justus Alexander Corbett was born at 8:52 am Nov. 6th. He was born at home into his Daddy's hands and he was born in water. He weighed 7 lbs 13 oz and was 21 inches long.Justus is a family name on Jeff's side of the family and Alexander was my great-grandfather's name and my grandfather's middle name. Justus means 'upright and just' and Alexander means 'man's defender, warrior." Together we thought of defender of justice.Labor was 11pm-4 am on Tues night then it stopped. Then, I had contractions sporadically Wed night from 1-6am which I mostly slept through. At 7 Jeff called the midwife as they were getting stronger. He was born at 8:52am.So the hard part was from 7-8:52.

I walked almost the entire time from 7:30- 8:40 ish when I got into the birth pool. I had a few pushy contractions I attempted to breathe through and then pop! My water broke.Next contraction I told Jeff "He's coming!" And his head was already out!! I remember instructing my husband NOT to touch him! I have learned that it is a bad idea to manipulate the baby in any way. Funny, but later, he told me he was going to pull on the baby's head in the excitement of the moment and was glad I told him hands off! I tore with the first three hospital births and did not tear for both my home/water births.I paused and then pushed again - trying to give him time to rotate and his body came out in one push as well! (I have never had a baby just SLIDE out before!) Jeff lifted him out of the water and I noticed the cord around his neck and said, “Hold up, there’s the cord around his neck!” I unwrapped it really fast and we started to stimulate him on my shoulder. Jeff said excitedly, “How do we get him to breathe?!” I said, “Just stimulate him.” So I patted his bottom and sort of jostled him around a bit and Jeff scooped water on his head and rubbed it gently. He started to squeak a little and move around. I started to suction his nose with my mouth as I didn’t know Jeff had the bulb syringe out. Then Jeff said, “Wait, I have this.” and Jeff suctioned his mouth out quickly. There was some meconium staining in the water Jeff had noticed when it broke as well which he didn’t mention until after he was born. But we are very blessed to have been in the water so the meconium could be washed away from Justus as he was born, so he didn't breathe it in the way most babies do for a dry birth!! God is so GOOD! Later I discovered he had been a compound presentation (hand by face) and believe it or not, I had NO tearing or skid marks AT ALL! Annie had requested and was able to cut the cord. Annie, Austin and Samuel were awake in the other room drawing and raced in when the baby was born. They were all chanting how cute he was!
The assistant got there five minutes after and my midwife did five minutes after her! LOL. I was amazed by Jeff's presence of mind! He got string out and scissors and boiled them and had the bulb syringe all ready! It was quite an experience!! We weren't planning an unassisted birth, but we were blessed that God was with us!

Throughout the pregnancy God had been impressing it upon my heart to trust in Him. He specifically told me not to trust in midwives, my husband, myself, but only in HIM. This was repeated frequently and I had wondered why. Well, I now know why! Also, while in labor scriptures that came to mind were:

Do not fear for I am with you do not be dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

I was also instructed from the very beginning of the pregnancy to pray for Justus. ‘Pray for this baby,’ God told me. I can honestly tell you that from the moment I discovered I was pregnant, I was OVERJOYED that God saw fit to bless us again. With all our flaws and shortcomings and sinfulness, He still has mercy and wants to bless us anyway!!
So I was overdue by 11 days, which is normal for me, and I had NO internal exams for the whole pregnancy and labor! NONE. This was by far my easiest labor and since my husband was my support with no midwife or doula, I felt so in tune with my body. I knew what to do when. So we can honestly say that we are glad it happened the way it did. What a privilege for Jeff to help Justus come into the world! I can say that I look at Jeff through different eyes. Something changed in my heart when this happened. I can’t explain it exactly but I would say there is a new level of trust and love between us that wasn’t there before. I have a new confidence in him and his abilities as a father and husband and don’t feel the need to question him or worry when I hand the baby over to him. So on top of the gift of our baby, God has given us this unexpected blessing in our marriage.

Wool and cloth diaper adventures

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So I never did find anyone proficient in knitting that wanted to help me out here in town. But a person I met online who lives in California and has two toddler boys and 1-month-old triplet girls sent me some infant wool soakers and a pair of longies! She just sent them... for free... because she didn't want any boyish things on her girly girls and she is just plain giving and selfless! Amazing how a perfect stranger was so eager to help out! Such a cool thing.

So, I started using what I had cloth diaper-wise on Caeden to get a feel for what this venture was going to take and so far, so good! He actually seems to like cloth over 'sposies.' For oh, two months he has all out been pitching a fit when I changed his dipe. Well the first time I used a cloth diaper, he was perplexed and then said, "Mama, niiiiiice!!!" It was quite funny! I was thinking about it and wondering why he prefers cloth and then I had a thought. After I had Caeden, my midwife brought me some of those paper underwear instead of the Mount Rushmore size pads for Giants... Now granted, they worked GREAT... But they really were quite uncomfortable and sweaty. ~Cloth can breathe~ Anyhow, so far so good. Washing hasn't been a big deal yet except that I have to do it daily b/c I don't have enough yet. But I am just dealing with one baby so far. So we shall see!