Waiting for One More

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Solomon has returned to us and I have to say is none too happy about it. But if you were a dog and had two weeks on a ten acre farm to run, and then had to come back to a micrscopic yard, you would be ticked, too.

You have heard of Star Wars.... this is STICK WARS.

Coach Daddy in action.

Austin scored a whopping 7 goals at his last game! Way to go Austin!

Grandma and Grandpa help out at the game with the use of their laps! (Since mine is so small these days)
So the due date has come and gone. Again. So we wait....

Thankfully, Jeff is more patient than I am and is a good example to me. :)





& me + a very welcome little one!!
(Photo enhanced by Lacey Rowland)


babymakers said...

You look like you could explode at any moment- no offense!!! Your DUE!