Any Knitters Out There? *help?*

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So we have decided to give this cloth diapering thing a whirl. (small cheer from the pro-cloth people) If anyone is a knitter or crocheter out there and actually enjoys it, could someone perhaps make the baby some longies and soakers? I have a site of free patterns galore and I could get the wool- yarn for you. So, if anyone feels up to it or wants to help me save oodles of money, please contact me! If you buy them, they are normally at least $56.00 each!!! Here are some examples of what I am yammering on about:

What these are for is more than adding cuteness to your baby's bottom... They help keep your baby dry especially at night. And the longies? Well they do double duty in keeping the baby's legs warm. And it our cold house, this would be helpful! I hope you happen to be a knitter reading this!!!

Just as a side-note, regrets in life are imminent. My regret here is that I didn't take the time to learn when my grammie was alive to teach me!! Oh, she tried to teach me... But I was not at all interested at age 12! Oh, how I wish I knew then what I know now!!


The Bernardi's said...

What about boo's from the Pro-disposable people?!

Anywho, I wish I knit or crocheted (is that how that is supposed to be said) so that I could help you out. I know that Nancy H. does one of those. She made a blanket for Sienna when she was born that we use around the house! I am sure that she can help or at least know someone that wouldn't mind. :)

babymakers said...

I would like to get my hands on a pair of those bottoms so I could hold them in my hand and examine them. I have never seen them before. You will have to let everyone know if they work when you finally get some done.

Also, I am really sorry that lady was charging so much. Boo!!!!! Boo!!!! The person must of misinformed me about pricing. Oh wells..

Just wait till you see how much money you save using cloth. And you won't ever get a diaper rash! And you will potty train easier! You wait... it is a great thing to do.