Family Man

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Waiting for One More

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Solomon has returned to us and I have to say is none too happy about it. But if you were a dog and had two weeks on a ten acre farm to run, and then had to come back to a micrscopic yard, you would be ticked, too.

You have heard of Star Wars.... this is STICK WARS.

Coach Daddy in action.

Austin scored a whopping 7 goals at his last game! Way to go Austin!

Grandma and Grandpa help out at the game with the use of their laps! (Since mine is so small these days)
So the due date has come and gone. Again. So we wait....

Thankfully, Jeff is more patient than I am and is a good example to me. :)





& me + a very welcome little one!!
(Photo enhanced by Lacey Rowland)

Kid Photography

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Ever wonder what kids take photos of when mom hands over the camera and says, "Have fun!" Well wonder no further!

Westminster Homecoming 2008

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These two pics were taken by Tiffany Wolfe:

Ah yes, it was time for the 10 year reunion. We went to the parade and visited the campus. A lot has changed since college, but some things remain the same.

Britt and me
Our crop of kids... Caeden, Annie, Samuel, Austin, Olivia and Lily
Brittany, her husband, Sean and her two babies and us, obviously.

Brittany and her future Miss Americas

Hmmmm, are there two more children added???

Any Knitters Out There? *help?*

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So we have decided to give this cloth diapering thing a whirl. (small cheer from the pro-cloth people) If anyone is a knitter or crocheter out there and actually enjoys it, could someone perhaps make the baby some longies and soakers? I have a site of free patterns galore and I could get the wool- yarn for you. So, if anyone feels up to it or wants to help me save oodles of money, please contact me! If you buy them, they are normally at least $56.00 each!!! Here are some examples of what I am yammering on about:

What these are for is more than adding cuteness to your baby's bottom... They help keep your baby dry especially at night. And the longies? Well they do double duty in keeping the baby's legs warm. And it our cold house, this would be helpful! I hope you happen to be a knitter reading this!!!

Just as a side-note, regrets in life are imminent. My regret here is that I didn't take the time to learn when my grammie was alive to teach me!! Oh, she tried to teach me... But I was not at all interested at age 12! Oh, how I wish I knew then what I know now!!

Soccer Kicks

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Oreo, the Insane Doggy

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What is faster than a speeding bullet? Oreo Crumb Corbett, of course!

Daffin's A Kid in a Candy Store Audition

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For those who are unaware, Daffins is looking for a spokeskid for their commercials... ages 5-9. So, Annie and Austin said their line, "I love Daffin's Candy! It's my absolutest favorite!" And we went home! Prize is a contract for commercials and a trip to Disney World. Not a bad deal. There were A LOT of kids. I kept thinking, this isn't Star Wars, people. Not auditioning for the part of child Vader. LOL!

This line was long, but it took about an hour to get finished. Annie and Austin said their improper English line for a camera and got a candy bar out of the deal! All in all, a good time.

Our Dod is an Awesome Dod

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Samuel singing!

Dead Man Walking

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This weekend I had the privilege of hearing Don Piper speak at my church. I can now say I have seen a dead man walking with my own eyes! His testimony was extraordinary and so worth listening to.

If you haven't read his book, 90 Minutes in Heaven, I suggest strongly that you do. There is no denying he was dead for 90 minutes and he spoke with such conviction and honesty of his experience of heaven and what it will be like for believers when they arrive.

Before watching, turn off my music player on the right!!!!