Saying Good-bye, but See You Soon Papa

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Today marks the day of the passing of our family Patriarch, Bertram Arthur Mueller. Beloved husband to Ada Rose, father to nine children, including Jeff's mother, Janet Rose and Papa to many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. What a privilege to know him and see him leading his family to love the Lord. For that reason alone I have been truly blessed to know him. My grandfather Snyder died before I was born and I know he knew the Lord as his Savior. I didn't get to know him or see that example of a grandfather who loved the Lord until I met Jeff's Papa.... Just the fact that the Mueller family sang together as a family and prayed together the first time I met them impacted my life greatly. That's not something I grew up doing or had ever seen before.

I will personally remember that Papa always took time to speak and say hello. He never left without getting a hug from me and had quite a quick wit. I found him to be someone that would try to make everyone feel welcome and special. I started dating Jeff when I was *gasp* 14 and he, along with Ada, always made me feel like I was one of their children or grandchildren. Never did I feel like I was an outsider or unimportant in any way. I was treated as part of the family long before it ever became official. For that, I am truly grateful.

So we are sad because we will miss him, but overjoyed because he is with Jesus and as Karin pointed out, he gets to see his parents who died when he was four. How wonderful and exciting is that? So a temporary farewell.... See you soon, Papa Mueller!


Mandy2qt said...

From Jeff's Grandmother:

Dear Family and Friends,
Bert passed away today at the Family Hospice in Bellvue. He began to have trouble breathing yesterday afternoon and he couldn't keep his meds down. The Hospice Nurse called our doctor but he was out of town. The covering doctor said we should wait until our doctor could be reached on Thursday morning. Bert was having too much trouble to go on without help. So we went to the Family Hospice in Pittsburgh, at the suggestion of the Hospice Nurse. Bert had a very trying night with his breathing problem, but he was kept fairly comfortable until he passed away at 12 Noon today, September 4th. He is now in Heaven with his mother and father, whom he lost when he was four, his brother, Bob, and his sister, Rose, and many friends. What a happy reunion! We will miss him, but I'm so glad his suffering is over.
Funeral arrangements are: Visiting hours from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m., Saturday, at the Cunningham Funeral Home here in Grove City. The funeral is Sunday at the East Main Presbyterian Church at 3 p.m. with visiting hours from 2 to 3 p.m. preceding the service - - in the Church Parlor. PLEASE PRAY for our family. We have 9 children, 42 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren. Bert was a wonderful husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather.
In His Love,
Ada Rose Mueller

babymakers said...

I hope the Lord really shows himself to you all in your time of mourning... God bless you.

kvanzandt said...

Thanks, Mandy, for saying what so many of us feel, but don't know how to express it! Love you!

Mandy2qt said...

I fixed the spelling of his middle name. I looked at it today and thought, that doesn't look right and Jeff confirmed I had the e instead of u. Pregnancy mush brain, what can I say!

Marcy Talbert said...

Praying that God will comfort your family with wonderful memories and the secure knowledge that Bert is in his forever home in heaven with Jesus. It is indeed a temporary goodbye.

Love you all,

Mandy2qt said...

Dear Family and Friends,
The funeral on Sunday was a wonderful testimony to the Lord for Bert, who raised a large family to serve the Lord. The music was beautiful. Our son-in-law, Jim Corbett, sang Teach Me to Pray, a solo Bert sang often when he was doing solos. Our grandson, Brian Mueller, sang the Lord's Prayer(another of Bert's solos) and Curt Cooper, son of our dear friends, Dorothy and the late Oscar Cooper, played Meditation from Thais on the violin. The Scripture and Message and Remarks by Pastor Bill Hoffman and Pastor Ian Noyes, all contributed to a glorious home-going for Bertram Arthur Mueller, age 93. Our son, Rick, read his poem titled The Tallest Tree, about his childhood and his father. The Pianist, Shirley Horne, played Great Is Thy Faithfulness and In a Monastery Garden and Bob McConnell played favorite hymns and selections on the organ. The service ended with a flag folding ceremony by the Marine Corps League of Butler, led by our grandson-in-law, David Rupp, who is in the Marines, serving as a Recruiting Officer near Pittsburgh. Taps was played by a student from Slippery Rock University.
Yesterday (Monday) the family went to the cemetery for the burial. Our son, Carl, had scripture and prayer and a nice message. He used the text in 1 Thess. 4:16-18 where we will all meet the Lord in the air. We sang the Doxology, as we have many times as a family before we would ask the blessing.
My daughter, Peggy, will be with me for a week. After that, the Lord will be with me.
In His Love,
Ada Rose Mueller