Save the Earth!

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Okay, so I really don't buy into the whole 'save the earth' thing. It is going down in fire and flame no matter what we do according to the Bible. But, it was ingrained in me to be responsible in school and to this day I can not let the plastic used to hold pop bottles go into the garbage without cutting them in case a poor dolphin would get caught!

So lately, besides recycling, I have been seriously considering venturing into the cloth diapering craze. No, I am not the best candidate and considering I have given this exact topic thought for each baby I have had and have not actually tried it, I suppose you might say I am a true slacker!

It does sound like more work. It indeed sounds like a big change. But how much do I hate throwing money away to the diaper industry? Quite a bit, actually. So, as I close this rant, let me be the first one to say that this may not pan out. I may not start doing this as it is a big investment in the beginning. But, perhaps a worthwhile one.


babymakers said...

Mrs Harry A MIller
4156 US 62
Millersburg OH 44654

This lady was recommended to me but I didn't buy any from her because I didn't need any. For about $30 you can get a dozen flannel fitted diapers. Sorry, no phone number.

Cloth diapers are not that bad! I have always used them... especially since some of the chemicals in diapers can cause reproductive harm! Full of toxins!

Diapers don't have to be that expensive. Another good place to check is ebay and

Mandy2qt said...

Thanks for the info. I will have to check it out! My main issue is I want it to be as economical, and as cut and dry as possible. If this was my 1st baby, I could probably splurge a little more and take my time getting it right. But, I feel now like I need to just do it and leave the oohing and awing about how great the diapers are to the younger moms, lol! I joined diaperswappers a while ago as I was wanting to cd for my 4th baby. Hubby vetoed it then. He is now ok with me tying it. Any advise about cding is welcome. Especially if it makes things easier! I was looking at the aio, os dipes b.c. I thought it would be a money and a time-saver and therefore require less thought! But I am open to opinions! What brand do you prefer?

The Bernardi's said...

*Shudders at the mere thought of more laundry!*

You should splurge on a diaper service! That's the way to go.

Yeah, CD sure have come a long way! Bum Genuis is a funny named one. The AIO seem like the best to try. Those are the ones with the inserts, right? I would have tried it, I actually looked into it for Sienna but more laundry is the deal breaker!

Mandy2qt said...

Good luck finding a diaper service around here! I checked and not a single one near here!!! Oh poo and pee doesn't phase me. I think it is hereditary. My dad used to suck in the stanky country air filled woth cow menure and proclaim how great it smelled! LOL! I am still debating on what to buy. I joined and a lot of women still stick to prefolds and covers... apparetly aio dipes take a long time to dry. Although pocket diapers don't and that might be a better idea.